Case Study

Northumbria University (Kaplan)
Northumbria University was looking to increase its brand awareness among prospective undergraduates.

Channels used:


The Challenge

Northumbria University needed a meaningful and effective way to increase traffic to their website and increase enrolment of their Business Management Degree.

Our Solution

Utilise Programmatics to serve a combination of targeted Native Ads, Display Ads & Carousell Ads to relevant target audience across premium/reputable webpages.

Our Execution

Through premium third party data as well as over 50 different targeting options, combined with timely retargeting, Northumbria University’s (Kaplan) Ads were served to the relevant target audience across a plethora of premium and reputable sites.

Northumbria UniversityNorthumbria University
Northumbria UniversityNorthumbria University

Our REsults

Over multiple campaigns, we’ve consistently overdelivered on Clicks (at least 2 times higher) as well as CTR (63% higher).


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