Case Study

PA WeCare Pals
WeCare Pals wanted to document their CSR efforts and bring awareness to the causes worth celebrating that their partners have embarked on, inspiring other corporate partners to come along.

Channels used:

Social Media

The Challenge

WeCare Pals needed a palatable treatment that presented their CSR efforts in an easy-to-consume manner that resonated with their target audience, increasing awareness and engagement.

Our Solution

Through curated in-house content, we drive branding efforts via organic content that engages and value adds for the desired target audience, creating brand awareness and inspiring corporate partners to work with WeCare Pals to give back via CSR Efforts.

Our Execution

Create engaging content catered to target audience, appealing by pathos, and deliver content to TA through precise targeting by demographic, and audience behaviour to achieve: 

- Increase Social Media Presence

- Increase Engagement

PA WeCare PalsPA WeCare Pals
PA WeCare PalsPA WeCare Pals

Our REsults

In under a year, we built a community of 1.9k on Facebook with high engagement and comments.


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